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  • Our attention to details and constant quality tests will be your guarantee.
    Only certified companies belong to our project, in order to safeguard the best quality and respect for tradition.
    We choose organic farming. We select producers growing their own ingredients. We believe that this is the right way. We fight against the frenzy of modern times. Instead we strive to revive Slow Food and its core values: “Restoring value to food, respecting the producer in harmony with environment”.

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    Food is life. Food is nourishment. Food is art.
    Wellness and nutrition are closely connected.
    When we eat, we feed our bodies and enrich our souls.
    A healthy and tasty meal strengthens your body and lifts your spirits.
    Janasfood brings a treasure - the healthy art of eating.

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    Thinking of Sardinia brings images of its white beaches and crystal water. But something greater is less noticeable, something that our people have been nurturing for ages: our culinary tradition. Sardinia with its central geographical position was one of the most visited places in history. A diversity of influences from people in the past left us with a unique gastronomic heritage. Thanks to this, our island boasts a high number of centenarians. Teams of experts from all over the world study our secrets, searching for the elixir of life.

  • News from Sardinia and the world of food. A real food blog with best and simple step-by-step recipes.
    Learn more about our history, traditions and appointments. About the main food and wine festivals in Sardinia. It's a free opportunity to know something more about our beautiful Island.
    If you love food, spend your time in this blog and taste our delicacies.
    Explore Sardinia with us.